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Can we use Casino Fun for special events?

Absolutely! as well as regular parties, Vegas Party Casino’s are the perfect platform for just about any occasion.

Here are just a few:

  • Non Profit Fundraisers.
  • Corporate Events.
  • Staff Social Club Functions / Parties.
  • Wedding Anniversaries, Did you get married in Las Vegas? Perfect! celebrate with your friends Las Vegas style!
  • Holiday Parties (Staff Christmas Parties,  Halloween, Valentines, New Years)
  • Theme parties (Monte Carlo, Cruise ship, Hawaiian, Costume, Gangster, James Bond’s Casino Royale )

Can we lose money?

NO! The idea is for everyone to have a great time. This means NO losers! Your guests can play all they want without fear of losing their hard earned cash or their shirt! The ONLY money allowed is branded “CASINO FUN MONEY”, of which there is a brief case full! There is no real gambling for cash or prizes.

Are cash prizes allowed?

No, only prizes for participation can be awarded. Prizes can be awarded as long as participants are not deemed to be risking anything of value and are of the understanding that they are playing for entertainment ONLY. Play money, chips, tokens, etc CANNOT be used to otherwise determine the winner of a prize or used to auction off prizes during or at the end of an event. For a little more clarity on these issues please read the link below titled “The Legal Issues”

OK, but does it feel like being in a real casino?

Most definitely! We only use quality casino tables, chips and other genuine casino equipment. Add to this our experienced staff who have years working in Australian based casino’s and your guests get an unforgettable experience that will be talked about for ages, this absolutely creates a fun, exciting and genuine casino atmosphere.

What about all the little details?

Remember when planning your party there are lots of details that you need to consider and inform us about when you make your booking.

Things like:

  • How many guests will be attending?  We need to know so we can organise our equipment to cater to your number of guests. We suggest you have enough tables to cater for 60% of your guests)
  • Is there enough space for each of the tables?  What kind of venue do you have? We may need to check it out!
  • Venue? Indoors / Outdoors?  If your having your party outdoors you need to have a contingency plan if the weather turns bad eg: windy, raining! Its better to have your casino party indoors or under cover if possible for this reason.
  • Do we need a theme? Black Tie, James Bond, Masquerade, Fancy dress! Let us know so we can theme our casino to your party or event!
  • What’s included by VEGAS PARTY CASINOS and what else do we need? Do you need chairs, lighting, Catering and additional entertainment ( DJ’s, Music, laser Lights, PA Systems ) All can be provided at an additional expense, see our PACKAGE DEALS page for further details.


 The Legal Issues ?

Do we need a licence to conduct a FUN NIGHT?

No, this is not real gambling and no real cash money is ever used by us, only our branded Casino Fun Money. Here is a link to the Queensland Governments Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulations page, here you can find how both Poker and Casino Nights are defined and regulated and how your non-profit fundraiser or event can be lawfully conducted.