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The authenticity and ultimately the success of your casino party depends largely on the quality of the casino equipment & gaming tables provided for your event. Here at Vegas Party Casino’s we use only genuine, casino quality equipment and tables for all our games. We use 13.5 gram chips for our casino currency, the games are played on casino quality tables fitted with premium layouts. This enables us to provide a genuine, authentic casino experience not only for your guests to enjoy but for you to get value for your dollar.

*Don’t be fooled by some of our competitors who offer inferior quality equipment and unprofessional service ultimately leaving your guests disappointed with your event!

Here are the games currently on offer for our parties.



Players try to beat the dealer with the highest hand possible without going over 21 or busting. Everyone plays against the dealer (the house) who begins the game by dealing each player two cards and the house one card. Cards are counted at their face value for example. Kings, Queens and Jacks count as 10, Aces count as 1 or 11. If the first two cards you are dealt total 21, you have a blackjack. At Vegas Party Casino’s we pay blackjacks double! because we see the value in you having fun!


american roulette

American Roulette

A game of little skill, players must wager where the ball will land on the next spin. At Vegas Party Casino’s our wheels have 38 spots 1-36, 0 and 00. 18 numbers are red and 18 are black. 0 and 00 are green. Players may bet on one number, a group of numbers, red or black, odd or even, or any combination. Payouts can vary from even money to 35-1 depending on how you place your bets. Up to 10 players can play this game at the same time.



                                                     Texas Hold’em

The most popular casino game in the world at the moment, players try and beat one another for the community pot. Each player is dealt two cards face down and then five community cards are dealt in the middle. Players try to make their best 5 card poker hand using any combination of the two cards in their hand and the five community cards.The game is played as follows: Two cards are dealt face down to each player, Players then decide whether to fold, check or bet. Three cards “The Flop” are dealt face up in the middle. Players again decide to fold, check or bet. A fourth card “The Turn” is dealt face up, Players again decide to fold, check or bet. A fifth card “The River” is dealt face up, again betting proceeds as before until everyone has decided their fate. Anyone who has not folded after the last round of betting will now have the option of showing their hand and possibly winning the pot. Texas Hold’em has become so famous it has recently featured in the latest James Bond 007 movies



                                                                                    Money Wheel / Prize Wheel

A crowd favourite, the “Money Wheel” is a slower much easier game to play. With odds on our wheel paying  40 – 1 the money wheel becomes the game with the most profitable payout and a favorite among novice players. With odds like this and a betting strategy to match, I’m sure you can play all night and maybe even become a winner at the end of it!

casino-play craps

                            Craps / Dice


Craps is a “fast and exciting game for fast and exciting people” that’s you right! If you have been to a casino you may have noticed that the craps table is usually where the action is taking place. Overly excited people crowding around the table, some calling out bets while others yell different slogans in reference to the game, it’s all in good fun.When you look at the craps table it’s full of lines and numbers that are somewhat confusing, especially to a novice. In reality, learning how to play craps is not very hard at all. If you’r a novice player, you can start at the simple bets first and then move to the more complex bets as your level of expertise and knowledge grows.

The basic’s of Craps:

A precision made pair of dice are used in this game, each die consists of numbers from one through six. The main objective of craps is for the shooter (the person throwing the dice) to roll 7 or 11 on his first throw or make a point number and then roll that particular point number once again before a seven is rolled.  All players can bet with the shooter to make his point number or against him not to make the point number, sounds simple right! You may feel intimidated the first time you play craps but once you get a hold of the game you will absolutely realize how addictive and exhilarating it can be.

Our 8 foot authentic Craps table is the very same layout used in American Casino’s, it’s double sided layout provides for players at both ends of the table and is a huge hit at any Casino Night. If you don’t know how to play our professional staff will teach you the basic’s so you can develop your own strategies to “TAKE THE HOUSE”

 We’ll also be offering these games soon!


BacThe elite of all casino games, Baccarat (pronounced BAC-A-RAH) offers some of the best odds for the player. Traditionally played in the grandest of casino’s in Europe and now in Asia by the rich and not so famous, even our mate James Bond has been known to try his luck! Today the game has been slightly modified by the industry to accommodate us working class people but mainly for the casinos to make money.

How it works:

The game is played traditionally with eight decks of cards, shuffled and placed in a shoe. Those participating in the game place a wager on either the banker, player or tie areas of the table. Two cards are dealt to both the players hand as well as the bankers hand, an option of a third card may be drawn to each hand but this depends on a TABLEAU (rules). Face cards are counted as per their value eg: a 7 card is just that, but picture cards such as Queens, Kings, Jacks and even 10’s have no value in the hand at any time. The winning hand is the one which totals the closest to 9! Confused? don’t worry most people are! It must have been invented by an extremely intoxicated Monk who drank far to much French wine!

2 up. (Heads or Tails)

2 UP

A typically Authentic Aussie game played by the ANZAC’s in the trenches in Gallipoli, these days modified by the casino’s to get their cut. Played with 2 or sometimes 3 coins which are thrown into the air by a “Spinner” results are based on the outcome of the coins at rest.